3 notes as the Dallas-Knicks rally ends, 108-85

The Dallas Mavericks fell to the Knicks in New York, 108-85. RJ Barrett put 32 points for the Knicks in the win. Luka Doncic scored 21 in the defeat for Dallas.

There’s something very Mavs-ian about topping both conferences in a week’s time, then turning around and losing a largely uncompetitive game against the mediocre Knicks. If nothing else, it should serve as a reminder not to be a prisoner at the moment. No doubt their last run up to this point has been the most enjoyable the team has had all season, but it didn’t erase the shortcomings in the attack they had been dealing with prior to that. And not a single loss should be a reason to burn it. But anyone who thinks Dallas was a reimagined team in 2022, their pink-tinged glasses must have been a little dumbfounded by this loss.

offensive attack

The Mavericks in the new year have won wins largely by leaning into their new defensive mindset, and then doing just enough on the offensive end to win. Tonight, it was clear early on that the offense wasn’t just a click. They started the game by shooting 2 out of 11 out of three. They changed their way of thinking a bit by calling back by only taking six shots from the depths of the second quarter. Until then, they only managed to hit one.

In particular, Tonight found him the shooting struggles that Dorian Finney-Smith had apparently worked through to start the season. He missed a number of open looks and finished the night 0 out of 4. However, this wasn’t just a case of innings where players didn’t progress. Doncic’s choice of shot was questionable, as he had multiple possessions consisting of little more than a simple job before skipping the jump. It didn’t help with three-point shooting either, as it was an annoying 1 out of 9.

Perhaps no play sums up Dallas’ offensive inefficiency more than a quick five-to-four break in the second quarter as Dallas was trying to get himself back into the game. Mitchell Robinson fouled the alley that saw Dallas push the pace…until Marquis Chris was called up for an offensive foul and Maverick’s turn.

specified extension

Despite being cold for half a year, Dallas started the third defeat by 11 margin. Nothing definitely can’t be beat. In fact, in less than two minutes, they bridged the gap to a single-digit deficit of just seven. What followed was the 14-1 Knicks which boosted their lead to 20 in just over three and a half minutes. Dallas did not inhale the lead again.

It was an extension of Doncic’s particularly brutal play. Dallas took six shots, made only one — Paul Dunk — and Luca contributed four times out of five. Most of them were jumping turns in and around the fairway that wasn’t really down for anyone tonight.

The writing was pretty much on the wall after that. Only one of those nights for Dallas.

No appetite for revenge

Maybe that’s an assertion bias, but it’s sure if there’s one thing Mavericks fans can count on, it’s that he was annoyed by the former Mavericks. This year he added a new wrinkle, being hurt by Desmond Payne – someone who was never a maverick in the first place, but still mad at us enough to make a career-high when he faces our team.

It’s neither here nor there, but with a team close to 40% of New York Nick’s getting fired, I’m always looking for someone with a chip on their shoulder, and I look forward to holding on to the team they’ve been through. This never happens. Tim Hardaway Jr. and Reggie Bullock have pulled off a recent shootout revival. Frank Ntelikina didn’t see the floor until garbage time. Heck, Kristaps Porzingis wasn’t even there. Even our former coach Nick Jason Kidd wasn’t on the sidelines! This is life. Dallas should look to put this in the rear view ASAP and get back to winning ways in 2022.

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