A new study finds that consuming more olive oil may reduce the risk of premature death

Harvard researchers may have dispelled negative perceptions about the oil, publishing a new study that found that people who consume more olive oil lower their risk of premature death and multiple diseases.

Posted this week in Journal of the American College of CardiologyResearchers revealed the results of a 28-year study involving more than 90,000 participants. All were free of cardiovascular disease or cancer at the start of the study and over the course of several decades, dietary questionnaires completed every four years.

The researchers asked participants how often they used olive oil in salad dressings, food, baking, baking or frying. Study results showed that those people in the highest category of olive oil consumption, defined as more than seven grams per day, had a 19 percent lower risk of total deaths from cardiovascular disease.

Those in the high olive oil consumption category also had a 17 percent lower risk of dying from cancer, a 29 percent lower risk of neurodegenerative death and an 18 percent lower risk of respiratory death, compared to those who never or rarely consumed olive oil.

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Researchers compared the use of olive oil with margarine, butter, mayonnaise, and dairy fats.

Doctors should advise patients to replace some fats, such as ghee and butter, with olive oil to improve their health. Our study helps provide specific recommendations that are easy for patients to understand and implement in their diets, said Marta-Guash Ferret, a senior researcher at Harvard Chan School of Medicine. in the current situation.

The researchers behind the olive oil study said this was the first long-term observational study on olive oil consumption and mortality rates in the United States, as previous research on olive oil and health focused mostly on populations from Europe and the Mediterranean.

Susanna Larson, author of the corresponding study, Written in an editorial The association between olive oil consumption and the risk of death from neurodegenerative diseases is particularly novel, given that Alzheimer’s disease is the major neurodegenerative disease and the most common cause of dementia.

Larson wrote, “Given the lack of preventive strategies for Alzheimer’s disease and the high morbidity and mortality associated with this disease, this finding, if confirmed, is of significant public health importance.”

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