Best Evidence Yet That Jim Harpo Will Not Quit Michigan Football

Take a look at what it means to hire Mike Elston for Michigan football, including what he says about Jim Harbo’s chances of survival.

It’s the day that knows what about Jim Harbaugh’s contract negotiations and while there are still plenty of indications that he will eventually sign a new deal and come back, Michigan football fans received some really good news on Thursday.

There was nothing new on the Harbo front. It’s fair to wonder why he hasn’t signed his new contract at this point and makes you think he might be waiting to see what Mark Davis and the Raiders have to say.

However, the announcement of Mike Elston’s appointment was a game changer. Elston is set out of Notre Dame and is not only one of the best assistant coaches in the business, but he is also an excellent recruiter and UM graduate.

We talked about how huge a hire for the Wolverines it was when it happened, but it clearly meant something very important to Jim Harbaugh’s position and on Friday Chris Ballas of The Wolverine reported (subscription required) what we all thought – that Elston didn’t come without reassurances that Harpo will be in Ann Arbor.

So not only is Elston a huge asset, but perhaps the strongest indication yet that Harbaugh will coach the Wolverines next season and beyond.

Elston rental could pay dividend for 2023 recruitment class

Not only has Elston sent a bunch of guys to the NFL, he’s an excellent recruit and this is evidenced by a pair of Top 100 commitments already in 2023 from Keon Keeley and Brenan Vernon – both recruits where Elston was the primary recruit.

Elston is also the primary recruit for Luke Montgomery another defensive line 2023 and is already a major target for the Wolveriners and their chances should only be improved by adding Elston to the coaching staff.

We’ll see if Michigan can turn any of these guys over and win the Battle of Montgomery, but in the long run, it will make UM stronger down the recruiting path.

Of course, none of this happens without Harpo. That’s what still gets you curious about all of this. If Harbaugh essentially assured Elston that he would be back, why would he delay signing the contract?

Ballas also reported that Michigan believed it included everything Harbaugh could want. There is nothing specific but we can assume that this means resources for helpers. This is as important as anything else.

Keeping guys like Mike Hart, Sherwin Moore, Josh Gates, Mike McDonald and the rest for as long as possible is the top priority. This is also another reason to be impressed with hiring Elston.

MacDonald is a rising star in coaching and there may be a time when he’s being poached by an NFL team and Elston will add another coach to the defensive squad who has the potential to be a league player.

Elston was skipped over to work at Notre Dame and that’s probably why he’s ready to leave. Fortunately, Harbaugh made the offer which is the strongest evidence that he is not going anywhere.

However, I would like to see this contract signed. I would also like to see the Harbaugh coach at Michigan Football for the rest of his career. We will see what happens.

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