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Bungie’s New Destiny 2 changes make players discuss orbs

Destiny 2's smith Banshee rifle contemplates a fiery orb.

picture: bungee

sweeping changes just above the horizon Fate 2And the players aren’t sure how they feel about all of them. One change in particular regarding how the Orbs of Power was created immediately sparked heated debate and speculation about how Bungie would approach one of the game’s key mechanics.

For starters, Orbs of Power are bits of energy that drop from enemies after you kill them with specially developed weapons. Collecting them reduces the cooldown of the game’s strongest abilities, and can confer other advantages with the right character building. Today, however, Bungie announced it after the launch of charming queen Expansion in FebruaryOrb generation will be linked to armor modifications rather than weapon upgrades. Here is where it gets complicated.

Bungie explained it like this:

Creating an orb on multi-skilled weapons will not be a function of the weapon’s premium action state, but will instead be provided by a set of armor mods, which automatically unlock for all players and plug into the Helmet Armor Mod socket. Each such mod will apply an orb generation effect to all weapons you’ve equipped of a certain damage type, so a single model will cover multiple weapons in your arsenal if they share a damage type.

Several players immediately abstained from the decision. Mod slots for helmets are already very competitive real estate due to what can go into them, which includes ammo finders and targeting boosts, as well as critical mods for Charged with Light, Elemental Well, and other builds.

“Forcing mod slots/using energy to create orbs with only certain items is a step back,” books fate streamer Sean “Holder” Gallagher. “You’ll needlessly build up a bottleneck and limit options.”

But this feeling, Shared by many on the game’s subreddit, drew swift opposition from others in the community who cited previous developer comments that shed more light on the situation.

“[Designer] Chris Proctor told us that “bad things happen ‘when guns have a lot of perks'” fate YouTube Kogai books. “Linking orbs to armor and not a weapon’s feature budget means that weapon innovation is now possible: more perks on guns, additional core perks, etc.”

The loading screen for Destiny 2 shows the Guardian checking out the helmet armor mod.

screenshot: Bunji / Kotaku

Another player shared an excerpt from a November blog post in which Bungie noted an overhaul of what gives different weapons their identity beyond stats and perk sets, suggesting that Orb’s changes are part of a much larger rethinking of how buildings work. Fate 2. Bungie Developers Retweeted Both threads.

“Awful. Just make guns generate orbs by default,” one player wrote in fate subreddit fetch more fate Power subreddit for possible discussion. Things went from there as one faction urged Bungie to simply make the Orb generation a “core” part of the game (there’s no conceivable situation where you wouldn’t want to make orbs, at least in fatecurrent metadata). Others explained Previous notes by Fate 2Developers To point out that the game engine makes dealing with the Orb generation in this way difficult, and so this was the perfect solution given the limitations given.

The Pro-Orb Change group accused the Anti-Orb Change group of not knowing what they were talking about. Anti-Orb responded with a similar criticism. Weirdly, since Bungie chose not to delve into the topic in today’s blog post, neither side will have the full picture until we get close to it. charming queenrelease. Even if the orb generation Do It has to be related to equipment perks, there are less vital armor pieces that would make sense to wash them through, not to mention Ghost Shells whose mods offer almost no creative build capabilities at the moment.

“This week at Bungie, we’re thinking about orbs…the Force!” bungee wrote on twitter to announce the news. Now everyone else in the fateThe Earth thinks of them, too.


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