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Hitman 3 Is Going Rogue (like)

Agent 47 stares at the map while holding a silencer pistol in Hitman 3's new DLC.

picture: Interactive IO

At least someone is accumulating their frequent flyer miles. travel restrictions again unexpected, flights Thousands canceled it, but Agent 47 still gives AMEX Centurion Sports Exercices. The barcode killer in a Savile suit is taking another short trip around the world, like Hitman 3 She gets a large number of new statuses as part of her second year. IO Interactive announced the news on a YouTube broadcast this morning.

“Elusive Target Arcade” is a new time-sensitive mode for Hitman 3. Elusive targets – tags that only remain for a limited amount of time – have been a mainstay lately Assassin games. In the arcade evolution of the mode, which was added for free to Hitman 3 From January 20, the targets will be permanent, but you will have to get rid of several of them in a row. Messed up, and you’d have to wait a day to try again.

Hitman 3 You will also receive a new mode called “Freelancer”, where you take out targets in an existing chain Assassin Maps, jump from one level to the next of a wonderful mid-century safe house. Your goal is to eliminate an unknown leader, eliminating his subordinates along the way; Each goal you hit gives you more information about who the leader might be. The goals are arranged randomly, so you can’t save the campaign layout. If you bring gear on a mission and die, you lose it. Basically, it’s Assassin by roguelike. “Freelancer” is currently scheduled to air in the spring.

IO Interactive also announced details about Hitman 3The near debut of VR on PC, It was first revealed last November. (Hitman 3 It’s been playable in VR since launch, but only on PSVR.) The entire World of Assassination trilogy – the newest three Assassin Games — Coming to VR for PC on January 20th, with support for whatever levels you can already access. in the same day, Assassin It will receive ray tracing support on PC, be available on the Steam storefront, and join the Xbox Game Pass library for both console and PC.

Hitman 3, released last January for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, is the culmination of the recent “World of Assassination” trilogy. Assassin Games, and the first independently released by developer IO Interactive. Apparent , Hitman 3 is a stealth game in which you are put in a sandbox and given a target (or three) to eliminate, but Hitman 3 It plays a lot like a funny puzzle game, where you spend time trying to come up with unexpected solutions. (See, for reference, winepress.)

Many levels – including an Argentine vineyard and a Berlin nightclub overturned Assassin Script — was The best in class. However, others left players with a bad taste, the most famous of which is the last level of the game, long penalty shootouts on a speeding train. (Although at first I lavish praise On the train level, and I’m still standing by it, now that I’ve already played through the recent trilogy, I can totally see why some fans are pissed off at its action-focused structure.)

so far, Hitman 3 It hasn’t received major expansions, and certainly none at the level of levels that have become highlight moments, for example, hitman 2: luxury Bank in New York CityPlus a luxurious beach Resort in the Maldives. instead of, Hitman 3Post-release content for ‘Played on Existing Maps, which includes a series of challenges Inspired by the seven deadly sins.

That changes this year. In today’s stream, IO Interactive confirmed a new location – ten seconds of footage at the end of the stream was projected over a tropical ocean – but didn’t reveal any other details.

Unfortunately, IO Interactive has been completely silent about the few opportunities to add the best possible Assassin Settings: Renaissance to do.


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