How to fly a pelican in Halo Infinite on Xbox and PC

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in a infinite aura, as before Hello Games, you are often transported from one prime location to another in a transport vehicle called a Pelican. It’s a huge hovercraft, definitely not SueIt was directed to the pilot at any point in the campaign. Hey, that doesn’t mean you can’t.

Yes, developer 343 Industries seems to have gone through the trouble of actually coding the Pelican as a drivable vehicle infinite aura, whose campaign was launched on Xbox and PC last month. Even though the Swan isn’t one of the 11 officially usable vehicles in the campaign, you can still get behind the wheel (or, whatever type of controls are used to fly airplanes). You just need to cheat the game a bit, way first spotted Youtube NoWise10And

There are two ways to do this, and they both rely on catching swans when they get off a vehicle in one of the infinite auraForward Operating Bases (FOBs). Each FOB has a spire. When the swans fly inland, use your slingshot to shoot yourself from the top of the swan’s top. The timing is difficult. I’ve tried about twenty times and only once succeeded – and I have no idea why this one is so different from the others. He must have been lucky. Someone tells Cortana.

A pink arrow points to a shelter near the FOB Hotel in Halo Infinite on Xbox Series X.

This is where you will find the rumors.
screenshot: 343 Industries / Kotaku

the easiest way pointed out By YouTuber Generalkidd, is to quickly travel to the FOB Hotel in the southern part of the map. Head east, like ten feet, and you’ll find a rut. (It seems to always appear in the same place.) Take that and park it on or near FOB – somewhere you can get to it quickly. Thanks mongoose, Pilot, but we’re after this trip.

However, you can get to the top of the pelican, and quickly make your way to the cockpit, otherwise the pelican will rise to a height where the game will kill you automatically. Although you won’t see the prompt, press the button you normally use to enter vehicles (the “X” on the controller) and you’ll jump into the pilot’s seat.

But wait! You won’t be able to try it now. Before the pelicans fly into the instant kill zone, exit the game, and reload the save file. You should see something like…

Master Chief stares at a pelican at the FOB Hotel in Halo Infinite on Xbox Series X.

In case you feel bad about your parking jobs…
screenshot: 343 Industries / Kotaku

From there, flip the car over and jump inside. The pelican handles are very similar to the wasp—up with the right shoulder bumper, down with the left, while the left thumb lever controls directional movement, at least in the “old” button layout preset—except for a bit uncommon. It’s also not centered in the middle of the screen, which you can fix by focusing on your field of view. (115 degrees was the sweet spot for me).

The combat capabilities of pelicans are laughable, at best. She has no weapons to speak of. At first, it looks almost impenetrable, since your shields don’t fall off when you’re shot; It can even withstand shock weapons without pausing, as any other vehicle would. But I found that, after about three minutes of continuous shooting, the Pelican explodes just like any other vehicle—powerful, but by no means indomitable.

It is also somewhat limited in where you can go. You cannot, for example, take it through any of the gaps in infinite auraSemi-open world. You are restricted to the island on which you rode.

However, pelican capture is a common tactic of bug hunters and racers who use it to circumvent vast swathes of land. No finalcampaign. Earlier this year, a player used it for an extended vacation Through melee only infinite aura At Legendary difficulty level, the highest difficulty level in the game. Pelicans can also be a boon for those trying to play “All Legendary Skulls”, or LASO, where the highest difficulty setting is activated, as well as each skull is activated (challenging enhanced gameplay modifiers).

It’s unclear if the swans’ exploitation was long overdue for this world, or even if it was an exploit in the first place. After all, infinite aura Aims to be a platform for the next generation Hello, with new multiplayer seasons and potential campaign expansions coming in a regular segment over the next decade. Pelican can always be semi-functional infinite aura Now as a placeholder. Just spitting, but perhaps future campaign expansion will give the president control of a pelican? Or maybe a future multiplayer season will allow players to grab the bird to drop the car Big team battle? Or, as I realize a pipe dream, perhaps firefighting mode will return, with a new mechanic to drive the pelicans? Possibilities, Like wild places infinite aura can go listing, Countless.

When reaching for comment about how the game ended up in the first place and if there are plans to change it, Microsoft representatives, infinite auraThe publisher, he didn’t immediately have anything to add.


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