Michigan State vs Minnesota Basketball Escape: 3 Quick Hits

1. MSU survives against the Gophers, but that won’t get it done

EAST LANSING If you have AJ Hoggard longing for Joey Hauser for a winning layup at the bell on your Bingo card on Wednesday night, well, Bingo.

Michigan State can look like a team you can imagine competing for the Big Ten Championship and playing in the Sweet 16. Then you watch the Spartans stretch out and wonder if they’re better than Minnesota State.

There was plenty of this last in the Wednesday night escape 71-69 against the Gophers team game.

This was the first game since the Champions Classic that I thought the MSU opponent often played with more purpose and focus. Minnesota certainly learned from their recent loss to the Spartans in December. He created and made a good look.

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