Motorola’s ‘next-generation’ smart stylus for its upcoming 5G flagship may battle the S Pen for supremacy

Since 2011 when Samsung unveiled the first Galaxy Note, and the S Pen became the leading digital writing tool available. And over the years, the S Pen got better with each iteration and was quickly able to take photos remotely, take notes on the Note even when unlocked, convert handwritten chicken scratches to text, control streaming music, and more.

The pen died for a while once Steve Jobs said “Wow! Nobody wants a pen.”

With the success of the Galaxy Note and S Pen series, other manufacturers have brought back phones that came out of the box with a matching stylus. This was an accessory that looked dead after the late Steve Jobs mocked it during the unveiling of the OG iPhone 15 years ago.

On January 9, 2007, Jobs was discussing how users would navigate the iPhone when the topic of the stylus surfaced. “Who wants a pen?” asked Jobs. “You’ve got to get rid of them, put them away, you’re going to lose them. Yok! Nobody wants a pen. So let’s not use a pen.” And with the proliferation of touch screen phones, the stylus kind of disappeared until it reappeared with the Galaxy Note.

We soon got the LG Stylo series which features a stylus, despite not having such features as the S Pen. And in 2020, the low-priced Moto G Stylus is born. but now Motorola wants to add a flagship-type stylus to its new flagship phone, the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra. according to XDA, I heard from a trusted source about two accessories for the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra: the Smart Stylus and the Edge 30 Ultra Folio Case.

XDA says it saw evidence of both and created some diagrams for them. The Smart Stylus will use Bluetooth technology to connect to the phone and will support air gestures and wireless charging. It can also be used as an “air mouse”. The button on the smart pen will allow the user to control the media playback on the phone and the device will be able to write messages directly into text bubbles.

An XDA source calls the smart stylus “the next generation” and it’s clearly not the same digital writing instrument found with the lower-priced Moto G Stylus (2022). Judging by the description, the smart stylus looks like a competitor to the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s S Pen. When the smart stylus is connected to the phone, a bubble appears on the phone screen indicating the status of the accessory.

Removing the stylus from the Folio Case will load the pre-selected application automatically

The bubble will show if the pen is charging or not, and clicking the bubble will show you which of your apps support the digital writing tool. With the Edge 30 Ultra Folio case, there is a housing on the back for the smart stylus. When the pen has been out of the case for a while and has not been used, the user will receive an alert.

Users can set which app will open automatically when the pen is removed from its case. Bluetooth will also be automatically enabled when the smart pen is removed from its case on the case. Shipping it is as easy as putting the digital writing instrument back into the stand on the back of the case.

The Ultra Folio Case has a few tricks in it, too. The bar covering the middle of the front of the case displays the time, date, and percentage of battery life remaining on the phone. If a call is received, it can be answered or rejected without opening the case. By the way, the Folio may have a different name by the time of its release.

While the smart stylus and clipboard will be released side by side, it is not clear if the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra will also be released at the same time with the accessories.

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