The conference is currently opposed to the expansion of the CFP

The ACC doesn’t want to expand the college football playoffs anytime soon.

Commissioner Jim Phillips said Friday that the conference is united in its opposition to expanding the four-team format. The progress of the post-season expansion has slowed considerably since the playoff brought up the idea of ​​eight or 12 teams this summer. And the opposition like the ACC is a big reason for this.

The four-team playoff format has been in place since the 2014 season and there are four years left on his current contract with ESPN. The current semi-final playoff round revolves around six balls prior to the National Championship game being played at a different location each season.

The details of an eight or twelve-team playoff were a major sticking point. The Bowls want to host playoffs, but teams seeded 5-12 in a 12-team playoff would face the prospect of four post-season games at a neutral location if each playoff was at a pot location. Conferences are also unable to reach agreement on how to fill the play-off. Will conference champions automatically receive an offer? How many points can be guaranteed for the five not-so-strong teams? Will the playoff field simply consist of the best teams in the committee’s end-of-season rankings?

Some opposition acc It’s centered around how many games you’ll create an extended playoff. A team can play up to 17 matches if it goes to a conference title match and plays four matches in a 12-team playoff.

Clemson is the only real ACC team to have played the playoff multiple times

While the ACC may be in favor of expanding the supplement after the current four-team contract expires, the conference will likely deny the 13 other teams outside of Clemson a post-season shooting in the short term.

Clemson is the only team from the Conference to have played the playoff multiple times in eight years of coordination without counting Notre Dame’s appearance as a member of the ACC in the pandemic-affected 2020 season. Barring a surprise run from one of the other ACC teams, Clemson will likely continue to be the conference’s sole potential representative in this current format. The SEC is the only conference in which two teams participate in a playoff in the same season, and the Big Ten and SEC are the only two conferences in which three different teams participate in a playoff. Florida State (in 2014) is the only other ACC team to have participated in the playoff.

If the 12-team playoff had been in place in 2021, Pete would have been part of the field. Instead, the Panthers faced Michigan State in a Peach Bowl that was played without Pitt QB star Kenny Pickett and Michigan State RB Kenneth Walker III. These two would likely play if this was a first-round playoff.

The expansion appears to be on hold

It is becoming more and more likely that the four-team playoffs will not be replaced at any time in the next four seasons. This is disappointing for fans of teams outside of the SEC. The conference has a summit in college football and the expanded extension will give more teams from all over the country a chance to play for the national title.

Expanding the playoffs is the biggest way to avoid the regionalization of college football; Especially as Oklahoma and Texas prepare to join the Securities and Exchange Commission for the next few seasons. Instead, the powers that be in college football are content to focus on other things before worrying about the importance of the sport at a national level.

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