The Knicks will face their past – and possible future – against the Mavericks

On Wednesday at the park, the Knicks will face their former guard and two former shooting guards. They were also going to face their former All-Star power, but he’s sick.

What’s even more interesting is that the Knicks may also face their future strength.

The Dallas Knicks 22-18 are in town.

Kristaps Porzingis, the former Knicks lottery picker, will miss COVID-19 and miss his sixth game in a row (Knicks BJ Mavericks coach Jason Kidd was knocked out for the same reason).

Reggie Bullock, who pulled out with Dallas as a free agent, will play, as will Tim Hardaway Jr., who had two stints in the Knicks.

Frank Ntelikina, Nick’s longest serving last season, who was not re-signed after their prized lottery pick in 2017, is in the Dallas tournament and has been serviceable.

But one constant intrigue is the stature of the Mavericks’ current starting point guard, Galen Bronson, the Knicks’ first-ever customer of President Leon Rose and former Knicks son Rick Bronson.

Jalen Brunson still has no contract extension, and the former second-round pick will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season.

Galen Bronson dribbles the field with the Mavericks
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Multiple sources told The Post that Rose remains interested, especially with the status of the Knicks guard still in flux. Kemba Walker may return on Wednesday from a six-game absence due to his arthritis knee.

Rick Bronson, former assistant coach of Tom Tibodo, will be present at the park to watch his son and certainly speak with his former partners. There is speculation that Bronson will one day end up on Thibodeau’s Knicks cast.

For whatever reason, Jalen Bronson, an old-school left-wing playmaker, Tweet “ping-pong” Last week – the new Crying Crowd simulator for the Knicks.

Some expected the former Vilanova stud to sign a contract extension before the season opened, but that never happened. Bronson averages 16 points and 5.6 assists, but shoots 34 percent from deep.

On his last outing in the park, Bronson had a nice night against the Knicks, recording 15 points, 5 assists and 7 rebounds in the Mavericks win.

After that match, Thibodeau said, “I’m in love with Brick Bronson – his son is a great player and he’s having a great year. I’m so happy for him, I watched him grow up. I remember him from the time he came to the park to see Alan Houston and [Latrell] Play Sprewell. He was six years old and imitating their movements. He’s become a great player and he’s also been a great kid.

Thibodeau has never seemed smitten with Bentelicina after he inherited it in 2020, the French goalkeeper’s fourth season with the Knicks. He was off shift early in the year.

Frank Ntelikina with the Mavericks
Frank Ntelikina with the Mavericks
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The Mavericks would have put Ntilikina eighth in the draft if the Knicks had taken Dennis Smith Jr. Marc Cuban visited the young player in France at the time.

Ntelikina was a solid defender, but he would never be a top scorer. In 30 games this season, he has averaged 4.9 points. 1.5 passes and shot 37.1% overall – 34.7% from three. Ntilikina missed five straight games with a calf strain in December, but he’s back in the mix.

“Frank has been amazing,” Cuban told The Post recently. “He is recovering again and has been a great contributor.”

Reggie Bullock tries a free throw with the Mavericks
Reggie Bullock tries a free throw with the Mavericks
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Meanwhile, Bullock hasn’t made the kind of impact he made with the Knicks, averaging just 6.5 points after signing a three-year mid-level deal worth $30 million. His shot has dropped from three points to 31.8 percent from 41 percent last season.

However, Bullock has been doing well lately, shooting 47 percent of 3 in his last six games.

Julius Randle and Bullock seem to have lost each other. They had such a good connection last season that Randle fed him several open looks from a double team.

“Just with the relationship we’ve had here, obviously it’s been great for us,” Randell said Tuesday. “He’s a great teammate and I’m glad to see he’s playing well there, especially lately. Anytime I see my old teammates it’s always love, especially with him being a player on our team last year. We’re all texting now. I think we’ll be They are bound together forever. It would be love to see him for sure.”


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