The Settlers 2022 release date and closed beta for PC have been announced

What is the best way to describe it? settlers, which launches on March 17th on Windows PC?

The title will suggest a restart. However, fans know that this series has typically established new stories and settings rather than following continuity.

Time after 12 years Settlers 7, means that the re-submission is in order. But is this really necessary when games are as old as they are Settlers 2 (1996) and Settlers 3 (1998) Still have a dedicated follower?

Tactics should be clear: This is a classic real-time strategy game whose peers, such as StarCraft, have not published new titles in a long time. Still, the settlers’ Gravity was never in the faster-thinking/twitching demands of the RTS esports that were born in the same era as PC gaming in the late ’90s.

“Watch those games, right?” Reflect on Christian Hagedorn, Creative Director of Ubisoft Düsseldorf settlers. “Sometimes people turn off the graphics in other games just to be able to quickly perceive the actions. This is the opposite in our game. We want people to be able to have fun, immerse themselves in the world, and follow the one person who cut that tree back into base, then see what that turns into.”

And this kind of single resource economy—things on the map being converted into siege weapons, buildings, or tools—is what has characterized the settlers over their 28-year history. “There is nothing just statistically hidden in the menus,” Hagedorn explained. “You make weapons, and this is literally a weapon being made in the game; you see the iron and coal that is needed. And then there’s a craftsman who grabs that sword and goes to practice.”

Familiar and unfamiliar players settlers He can see this in action when the game’s closed beta begins on January 20, available through Ubisoft Connect and the Epic Games Store. Polygon has been getting a hands-on preview of the same content over the past week, and Hagedorn’s voice has resonated with me after messing with the tutorial and skirmish modes that this little beta slide will offer.

the settlers’ The step-by-step gameplay structure prioritizes preparation and defense over speed and surprise. If you want soldiers for defense, you’ll need a training ground, and you’ll need wood for that. If you want siege weapons to attack, you recruit their units in a tavern; Likewise, get shredding. It’s a slow burn for some, but enough has caught fire in the past three decades settlers He has to stick to that speed to stay true to the franchise.

Players don’t really start with the resources that already exist; They start with villagers and engineers to harvest and refine it. this is the way settlers It can quickly reach a balanced economy, even if the granular handling of its resources speaks of something more complex. the settlers’ Hagedorn said the balance of play comes from managing productivity rather than resource availability. Sure, there is an unlimited supply of iron in the mine, but the limited number of miners and engineers prevents you from beating other factions with the resource advantage.

“Once we can control throughput, we can also offer infrastructure upgrades so you can move. [materials] faster, or technology that allows some other people to do something better.” Resources such as food have less to do with unit health (in combat, spell casting rituals – recruited from the shrine – handling this duty) and more than production rate: applying a food bonus to a mine This means that the raw material will come out at a faster rate.

Of course, these materials must reach the smithy, which reaches the other great management ring settlers: Construction and maintenance of wheel and wheel network for supply and warehouse routes. Instead of transporting the timber directly to the sawmill (or harvesting it at the construction site) it is more efficient to cut down the trees, store the timber in the warehouse and go back to the sawmill, leaving the transport to another unit.

Ubisoft Dusseldorf (formerly Ubisoft Blue Byte) does not disclose anything settlersHowever, it goes beyond the fact that it is about three factions: the Ilari, who were forced to flee their homes; their rivals, Maru; And the third, Jorn, who can’t be played in closed beta. All three factions will have different building disciplines (“a nod to the classics,” Hagedorn said), which again focus on balancing the game on productivity, rather than starting position. The maps are large and contain more than just opponents divided into factions; Bandits’ camps are there to harass and challenge all comers, underlining the need to always have soldiers on hand, even if you’re not close to attacking another settlement.

Wrapping it all up is a colorful game world with high fantasy aesthetics; Previous settlers ran the gamut from the Middle Ages to imperial Rome to the rival ancient civilizations. The building style still echoes the Teutonic architecture that was the calling card of the series, but the curved roofs and peaked gables also have the allure of a hobbit village.

“A lot of us are on the team […] We played the original settlers. settlers 1, Settlers 2And Settlers 3 – Some people joined the studio searching [to make] Hagedorn said. “So it’s personal.”

settlers It’s already been a long time. Announced at Gamescom 2018, it was originally expected in the fall of 2019, then pushed back to 2020. Then, in 2020, Ubisoft Dusseldorf indefinitely postponed the game; Hagedorn said that the game at that point was a bunch of core components that work well on their own but just don’t fit together.

“Sometimes they over-complicated the game, and sometimes they didn’t feel like they were involved in other parts of the game,” Hagedorn said. “We had to take a step back and look at the bigger picture again, and actually find it or improve it [a purpose]. Basically, we audited ourselves ourselves.”

The result is a renewed focus on console, the introduction of civil engineers and the necessity of their strategy, non-combat units that may still be vulnerable to attack. Landmarks, which are special areas of the map that give great benefits when controlled, also went into the game’s design, with Ubisoft Dusseldorf finding them to play a strong role in the infrastructure and transportation gameplay loops.

“Getting a nickname [made] “It’s not about putting back whatever is available and throwing it outside,” Hegedorn said. “It is something we want to put the utmost love into. It has to be true in all the good places for it to be created.”

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