The war zone appearance that pays to lose makes it impossible to shoot

The race to find the best new SMG in Warzone has finally begun. The Sten wasn’t the most popular pick but it definitely deserves attention when equipped with the right attachments that produce the best Sten loading in Warzone Pacific Season 1.

The Warzone Pacific Season 1 mid-season update was released on January 13th, which brought several changes to weapon balancing, as well as a brand new Welgun SMG.

Warzone Pacific’s excellent short-range options are few and far between, which makes the search for the MP-40’s successor very difficult. The Sten is starting to gain some strength as an underrated pick due to its excellent rate of fire. You’ll need the best Sten gear to get the most out of your weapon and we’ve got you covered.

Best Warzone Sten Gear Attachment

  • mask: recoil booster
  • barrel: 65mm fast
  • Visual: SA 32S
  • Inventory: Hawkinson S33S Quilted
  • WonderBarrel: Carver ForGrip
  • magazine: 9mm 50 round drums
  • Ammo type: burner
  • rear grip: polymer grip
  • Efficiency: hand trick
  • several: Quickly

Upon first use, the Sten may seem difficult to control, but once you get used to the recoil pattern, you’ll enjoy the benefits of its excellent rate of fire. For starters, we will maximize the rate of fire by adding 65mm fast barrel.

This gun will definitely need some attachments that contribute to recoil control and accuracy. the Carver Foregrip, Polymer Grip, And Hawkinson S33S Quilted This will make the weapon much easier to control.

burner ammo and recoil booster The muzzle will make this a lethal weapon in close quarters as it will tear apart enemies. We can’t forget the speed of ADS when it comes to SMGs and SA 32S Optics offer a good boost in this regard.

the 9mm 50 round drums It may seem excessive but it is very useful in Warzone when you aim to eliminate multiple enemies. the hand trick Efficiency will make big magazine reload faster while Quickly You will improve the speed of the enemy.

Best perks and equipment Sten Sten in the war zone

War Zone Perks
  • Feature 1: cold blooded
  • Feature 2: Exaggeration (download Ghost II)
  • Feature 3: combat scouts
  • fatal: throwing knife
  • tactical: we know

As Combat Scout spreads through the thick foliage of the caldera, cold blooded It will prevent enemies from using the third feature to track your movement. Of course, you’ll want to be prepared combat scouts yourself and hope your enemies won’t use the same cold-blooded strategy.

Before switching to Ghost, you’ll want to run Exaggerate Whereas the Sten must be paired with a long-range weapon. Despite receiving nerf, Bren remains the best long-range option.

a throwing knife It will help you quickly confirm kills on enemies you have quickly taken down with Sten. Because of Steam The new “Super Slide” mechanic, has become the best choice in terms of tactical equipment.

How to unlock Sten in Warzone Pacific

How to unlock Sten

Fortunately, unlocking Sten in Warzone and Vanguard is a very easy task and does not require a huge amount of time. Players will need to hit Level 10 To open Sten SMG.

If you’ve played any variation of Vanguard or Warzone Pacific in the past few weeks, it’s possible that Sten will already be available. Leveling a weapon is a different story and may take some time. Fortunately, players can take advantage of the upcoming Double XP event.

Best Alternatives to Warzone Sten

PPSH has been rising through the ranks of the SMG lately due to its class-leading hip-fire that completely destroys nearby enemies in Caldera and Rebirth Island. PPSH is the hot favorite to take over the new SMG meta in Warzone.

Instead, the Cooper Carbine remains one of the most versatile weapons in the game for those looking for a weapon that does it all.

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Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software

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