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Written by Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

Boston (CBS) – Look, Philadelphia Eagles aren’t very good. They went 9-8, they went 0-6 against the teams that went into the playoffs, they have poor passing game, worse defense, and realistically have no chance of winning on Sunday in Tampa Bay. Even Philly fans would agree with most – if not all – that.

But the Eagles have something that a playoff team might not have had before: a distracted Tom Brady.

Namely, Tom Brady who isn’t 100% focused on this week’s discount, because he’s been busy promoting the launch of his new clothing brand.

While yes, Brady and Bucks could probably win even if they rolled out a C+ game on Sunday, it’s nevertheless hard to ignore the fact that Brady and his inner circle of business advisors chose this is A week to launch his new clothing brand. They’ve made similar decisions before, like when they released a limited edition “Return to Foxboro” jersey before his first game as a visitor at Gillette Stadium earlier this season. He was also wearing a sweatshirt from the not-yet-released clothing brand that night, although he awkwardly tried to cover up the word “BRADY” with his jacket every chance he got.

Tom Brady covers his BRADY sweatshirt on his way to the Buccaneers locker room in Foxboro. (Photo by Maddy Meyer/Getty Images)

What was that all about?

However, the brand’s full launch, in the days leading up to a playoff to win or go home? This seems like an odd decision from a player trained according to Bill Belichick’s motivational methods. The Patriots head coach once read the step-by-step plans for the Eagles’ Super Bowl winning streak at a pre-Super Bowl XXXIX meeting, helping his players get a little additional Ready for that game.

The launch of the clothing brand — which sells some very expensive clothing emblazoned with the word “BRADY” — might not be quite as offensive to the Eagles as the 2004 Patriots’ Super Bowl parade track, but still… Brady clearly had his interest in something else. Change the football this week. This is not a decision he made before.

For a sneak peek into Brady’s headspace, just take a look at all the Instagram stories he’s been posting in 24 hours:

Tom Brady’s Instagram stories after launching his clothing brand (Instagram / @TomBrady)

Look at all those stories. That’s a lot of jobs, guys. Away from LeBron James posting about himself on his birthday, you don’t see an athlete of this caliber hit a “Share To My Story” button like this at any time, let alone in the days leading up to a playoff. Once any media outlet or celebrity publishes their new product line, Brady (or anyone in his camp who has access to an IG) is Smashing Share this button.

Is this important? Again, no, maybe not. Because vultures stink. But if the Niners lost last weekend, thus leaving the Bucs to face a more threatening opponent, the launch of that product will happen this year.

Suffice to say, Brady is exercising his newfound freedom in Tampa. Going full on Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce to promote a personal production line while the rest of the team studies and works to prepare for a must-win playoff won’t fly in Foxboro. (There was a time his brand launched a $20-per-month TB12 wellness app… the morning after the Patriots lost on Monday night in 2017. That was weird.)

However, having emerged from the haze of Antonio Brown’s fiasco for the past few weeks, one would think that Brady would want to shut down and focus entirely on the task at hand this weekend. Selling $350 raincoats, $90 generic-look sweatshirts, $65 capes, $250 jackets and…wait a second, $250 jackets?!

Can we get Ted Wells to check these prices?! Am i right?!


In any case, it’s notable that Brady switched to marketing mode in the narrow window between the Bucs’ Week 18 win and his playoff game. It will probably end up just fine. I’ve played these games before.

But if he doesn’t, and the bucks somehow fail spectacularly on Sunday? It’s going to be hard to move those jackets on Monday morning.


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