Valorant’s new agent Neon breaks the pace of the game, but in a good way

Valorant’s fourth episode has kicked off, bringing with it new agent Neon who – like that famous blue hedgehog – is going fast. They’re able to run and skate around maps at dizzying speeds, which may seem counter to the tactical pace of the game, but they fit into the roster well. The thing is, you have to be brave enough to make the most of their combination of moves, which reward balls playing on precise corner turns. It’s safe to say I struggled to break out of my temporary shell, but when did I do that? Oh boy, what a thrill.

The whole neon schtick is speed. Inspired by lightning, her extreme ability allows her to release electricity from her fingertips. It can raise fixed walls that block your view and harm anyone who passes through, a bit like a highway. As for grenades, they have an energy spike that bounces off surfaces and leaves a concussive spray on the ground. But her ability to run and glide is what separates her from the rest.

Courage rewards coordination and patience. It’s, for the most part, a first-person shooter (FPS) where you’re cruising around lanes at a slow pace. Unnecessary chatting is a distraction. What if you didn’t hear the enemy’s footsteps or missed an important snippet of information from an ally? You are predisposed to take things slowly and methodically. Many game agents fit into this tactical mould. Sure, you have a Jet that can lunge and catapult itself into the sky, but its speeds are short bursts of speeds best used in moderation.

This doesn’t mean that the Neon Race shouldn’t be used in the same way, it’s just… an invitation. You can activate it frequently as there is hardly any lag, and you don’t need to buy a fee from the store. As long as you’re moving forward, a quick press of the “hoof” (TM) button provides enough time to cover half a map, or in my case, try some illusion wings.

I suppose you’re wondering how powerful their laser beam is? Eh, it’s okay. It deals the same amount of damage to the enemy no matter where you shoot. It’s best combined with sprints and slides, but honestly, it’s not as effective as some headshots.

Cut me playing with a group of influencers and people very good at this game. I play Neon and it’s my first game and somehow I got four kills in quick succession. My team picks up on this and I enjoy proving myself somewhat to strangers. Then someone asks, “Have you made use of any of its abilities?” I replied “No” and laughed. In my usual FPS tendencies, I relied heavily on my aim, forgetting that I had the ability to run or pounce on people with my electric fingers.

Over time, I forced myself out of my comfort zone. Soon I was running out of the gates, gathering information in a jiffy. It has turned into a scoop machine. who did One left pyramid. Once again I committed a cardinal sin and left my team to defend the bomb on their soles. At one of the enemy, she roared around the enemy, and he was eliminated, and she died, screaming incomprehensible words. who did “aahhhffjgjgh”. It wasn’t helpful at all, but it was exhilarating, to say the least.

Right click when running and you’ll make a quick slide. Perfect for spinning in rounded corners and taking your opponents by surprise, or simply curling under the cocking bristles for a split second to get your shot at the start. You cannot, however, send a spam email this way. At the start of a match, you are given two charges, and the only way to get them back once you use them is to secure two kills. I can see the best players charging and moving around the maps, killing, and refilling their tanks in the process. Play fast and you will get a ‘quick juice’. Aggression begets aggression, so to speak.

You can catch enemy neon by surprise if you encroach on their territory early.

And maintaining momentum is the key to playing neon. You are a disruptive force that does not set speed, but breaks it. You get this energy journey faster than anyone else. Enemies are moving around corners; You slip around them. Enemies rush to the site; You race to it.

Although a concussion neon bomb is great for sliding into a position and forcing people out of their positions, it is its steady wall that complements its speed. Less because it does harm to people who pass through it, but more because it creates this channel for it to run down and in and out of. I used it as another way to hide vision and gain information for my team, like a long cloak that I could put on and take off.

If the enemy has a good neon on his team, then the cloak will be afraid. In fact, you will probably feel very anxious. I certainly was. You can’t settle into a rhythm if they have a player who quickly moves around corners and slips and hits you. That’s not to say it’s too fast, as I think Riot struck a nice balance here. To get the most out of their pace, you’ll need to match them carefully, And its management. Failing to do so and speed quickly deteriorates into recklessness, which means it’s an agent trained to do it right. Something I’ll need a lot, I think.

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