Who will be the next coach of the Broncos?

With General Manager George Patton and the Broncos ready to embark on a round of interviews with 10 reported candidates for the team’s vacant coach position, Denver is close to naming its next coach.

Before making the decision, we wanted to get a feel for how members of the media in Denver view the competition. polled a group of those who cover the team regularly to ask one simple question:

Who will be the next coach of the Broncos?

Benjamin Albright, KOA Radio: Dan Quinn, Cowboys . Defensive Coordinator

“I would expect it to be Dan Quinn. Quinn is the only HC interviewed with actual experience on his resume as a focal point. Quinn’s defenses as DC have always been at or near the top of the league. When he was a key manager he never got a foul out Top eight despite his OC turnover.”

Romy Bean, CBS Denver: Nathaniel Hackett, Packers Offensive Coordinator

“Hackett is ready to take the leap to head coach. He has playing experience and has done wonders at Jacksonville, leading them to the Asian Championships in 2017 with Blake Portels at the center of the quarterback. Now, he is an essential part of the highly capable Packers while George Button said he cares. More leadership qualities than the coach’s side, Hackett appears to be the best of both worlds – an energetic, imaginative leader with the offensive prowess to fix the Broncos’ attack when needed from serious TLC.”

Taylor Brooks, FOX31: Dan Quinn

“George Patton said the number one thing he looks for in this key coaching position is leadership. Which leader is better than Dan Quinn? A guy Patton already has a relationship with. A guy who has a lot of respect from the players. If Dan Quinn gets the job, there’s no doubting his He will also bring in an impressive offensive coordinator here as well who can help with attack issues and get this team back to the playoffs.”

Mike Cleese, 9 news: Dan Quinn

“I think it’s going to be Dan Quinn, but I think it has to be Clean Moore. In the end, I think Patton will go with the candidate who knows he can do well and has coaching experience. Me? Broncos should go home and run and try to find Sean.” The next McVay, who I believe is Kellen Moore. The coordinator behind the #1 scoring attack will be there.”

Nick Cosmider, athlete: Nathaniel Hackett

“George Patton said the Broncos are looking for a coach who will ‘lead the whole process,’ but we would be naive if we thought that putting someone in his shoes who could start the team attack – and the midfielder in particular – isn’t. He tops the priority list. It seems that Hackett is a candidate to fill Button’s stated priority #1: Leadership He drew rave reviews at each of his NFL stations for the way he communicates with energetic players, both on the coaching field and in meetings Taking that in front of the entire team on a daily basis as head coach would be a natural transition. Then there’s his work with quarterbacks.Hackett called plays for Jaguars when they reached the AFC Championship game after the 2017 season, helping Blake Bortles in the only winning season of his career in Jacksonville.During the 42-year-old’s three years as offensive coordinator at Green Bay , Aaron Rodgers set some of the best numbers of his career, for 111-ton interceptions and only 13 interceptions during that stretch.Hackett Biography – He also called plays as offensive coordinator for Bills and has been in the NFL since 2006 – says he’s ready For a chance to be a head coach, and fitness in Denver looks solid.”

Brandon Crystal, Kuwait News Agency (KOA) Dan Quinn

“It looks like the job is to lose it, if he wants to. The Cowboys’ defensive coordinator obviously has other suitors.” DQ “He is a positive, high-energy coach, and his players loved him so much in Atlanta, they basically pressured him to stay a year longer than the ownership of the Hawks might want. Also, his relationship with Button certainly wouldn’t hurt. If Quinn takes a job elsewhere, I think that Nathaniel Hackett would be a great fit in Denver.”

Andrew Mason, DNVR: Dan Quinn

“George Patton said on January 9 that he wants someone to ‘lead the whole process,’ not just one side of the ball. Quinn is just the right person, with his defensive background, inspiring leadership qualities and proven ability to identify the right coaches for offense, evidenced by the fact that Atlanta He was among the top eight in total attack in each of his full seasons there as head coach – under three different coordinators.”

Darren McKee, 104.3 The fan: Dan Quinn

“I think Dan Quinn will be the next head coach. While there will be many interesting candidates, leadership is clearly underlined. Quinn brings most of the experience in this division to the table. Hackett and [Eric] Bienemy would be my next two choices. The break will be the specific head training experience. In addition, Quinn will have options, so the Broncos will have to recruit him somewhat, which reduces the time frame for making a decision. The good news is that the Broncos are the best place to be for any coach. So the Broncos are the best job and get their man.”

Ryan O’Halloran, Denver Post: Nathaniel Hackett

“Hackett is my choice because he has the playing tracks (Buffalo/Jacksonville), he won the (Jacksonville/Green Bay) trial and will bring new ideas and new energy to the Broncos in need of both.

Troy Rink, Denver 7: Dan Quinn

“Lots of dynamic young characters. So there is no guarantee of that [Brian] Callahan, Hackett, and [Kevin] O’Connell didn’t win the interview, but Quinn’s coaching experience, successful offenses as head coach and caffeinated energy give him a slight edge to me.”

Arne Stapleton, The Associated Press: Keelen Moore, Cowboy Attack Coordinator

“George Patton will be tempted to hire his old friend Dan Quinn, but he really has to look at the other side of the ball in Dallas and grab Keelen Moore before anyone else does. Enough with ’70s, uncreative snooze offenses in Denver! Here’s Patton betting On going and grabbing the latest young attacking master is all the rage in the NFL and is bringing the excitement back to a team that has been dormant since Peyton Manning retired.”

George Stoia, Denver Gazette: Nathaniel Hackett

“I think Hackett checks a lot of boxes for the Broncos. He’s relatively young, well liked by the players, and he’s had success in this league, unlike what he did with Aaron Rodgers at Green Bay.”

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