Who will hire the Giants to replace Dave Gittleman, Joe Judge? Here are our picks for John Mara’s next GM coach

The Giants need a new general manager and head coach after forcing Dave Gettleman to retire and then firing Joe Judge.

So who will fill those seats?

The Giants are currently undergoing their GM search. They have nine known candidates. Then they will allow the new General Manager to lead the search for the new coach. Maybe they’ll pursue a package deal – although this doesn’t happen very often in reality.

The sooner Team Giant hires a General Manager, the sooner they can begin their search for head training. One will affect the other making this position unique from most other openings.

Here are our choices (not expectations) for who these people are Must be – not who they are will is being:

Zach Rosenblatt

Director general: Ryan Pauls, Executive Director of Individual Players

Paul has been in Kansas City for 12 years, learning from the likes of Andy Reed, Scott Bewley, John Dorsey, and current General Manager Brett Fitch. The organizations managed by Reid (also known as the Eagles and Chiefs) have focused on positioning their quarterbacks for success and building their roster through the offensive/defensive lines first. Dave Gettleman tried, and failed, on the last leg – but the Poles, only 36, should be better suited to fixing the Giants’ weakest offensive unit. It doesn’t hurt that the Poles play an offensive role at Boston College, either.

He has a reputation as one of the best evaluators of talent and was surprisingly a finalist for the Panthers job last year. It’s also a candidate for other General Motors vehicles, too. In 2020, Paul said in an interview with Buffalo Plus that most of his job’s “heavy lifting” revolves around drafting and evaluating players before passing that information on to Reid and Veach.

The Giants have already had their initial interview with Poles and don’t be surprised if one of the finalists gets a second in-person interview sometime next week. Giants will not be players in free agency. They need a GM who can come in and win his first NFL draft.

Coach: Nathaniel Hackett, Packers Offensive Coordinator

Hackett, 42, has a seal of approval from Aaron Rodgers who doesn’t have a reputation for playing well with others. Matt LaFleur is asking to play for Green Bay, but Hackett is still heavily involved in game planning and often speaks to the entire team, according to, who described him as “creative, thoughtful, very high-energy and a bit curious in a way that helps communicate with This generation of players and their inspiration.” It also seems to create “information sheets” for players in the game plan each day to simplify the scheme.

The Giants must eventually try to find an attack-minded coach who can fix what is arguably the worst attack in the NFL over the past two years. It looks like his character might inject some life into the offensive process, which has become boring and useless. He’s a hot commodity too and has interviews with Bears, Broncos, and Jaguars.

Daryl slice

Director general: Ryan Pauls, Executive Director of Individual Players

GM Billing Assistant Joe Schoen could be considered an early favorite, and for good reason. But don’t forget the Poles, who helped build a consistent winner in Kansas City. Additionally, the Bears are also interested in Shoen for their GM job. (And the Vikings are also interested in the Poles.) The Poles had reached a finalist for a Panthers job at GM last year.

Poles worked under a wide range of Kansas City general managers (and personalities) – Scott Bewley, John Dorsey, and Brett Fitch. The Poles are in Year 13 with the bosses, so it was part of their rise from losing organization to Super Bowl champions.

The Poles, 36, are on the smaller side. But it’s not like Schwen is much older, at 42. And the Giants need a new outside voice and perspective, after four years of old-school Gittleman bullshit. Young GMs can do just fine in the NFL today. John Robinson was just 40 years old when the Giants appointed him as their general manager in 2016, and he’s turned them into a thriving team.

The Scouts at Chiefs College are overseen by the Poles – which is the basis for how they turn into a great team. And the NFL draft just happened to be the most likely and most reliable path for the Giants to become a competent franchise once again. The Poles have been involved in university scouting since it began with the Chiefs in 2009.

Coach: Brian Dabol, Offensive Billing Coordinator

Well, if the Polish giants hire, the coach’s obvious duo is Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. But despite having had a full range of interviews with coaches in the past three years – including with the Giants in 2020, before the judge’s appointment – Benemi has yet to land a big whistleblower job. He has not received any known attention after this off season.

The Poles would obviously be well aware of Benemi’s strengths and weaknesses. And basically the Poles – or whoever the new general manager is – will get to call the new coach, although the Giants’ ownership retains the rights to final approval.

Paul and Daboll – who have helped form quarterback Josh Allen and Bills over the past four seasons – have some common background, as Daboll was the Chiefs’ offensive coordinator in 2012, a year before Andy Reed arrived.

And although Daboll is ten years older than the Poles, they grew up an hour and a half away, both in a small town west of New York – Poles in Canandigua (near Rochester) and Daboll in Athol Springs (near Buffalo). Daboll played at the University of Rochester.

From a football point of view, it is clear that the Giants can use a strong attack-minded coach like Daboll to fix their biggest weakness – attacking.

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