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Xbox players are tired of forced play against PC players

Xbox players are increasingly frustrated with being forced to play against PC players. While cross-play was initially a popular request from Xbox players and Microsoft-backed PCs for years, those who play first-person shooter games on Xbox struggle to opt out of the experience to avoid cheaters on PC.

games like Call of Duty: War Zone And infinite aura Force Xbox players to take on PC players in a variety of playlists. You don’t have to look far to see why people are so angry about it. Now after cheating Hello Confirmed on PC, can we choose to opt out of cross-play? asked a Reddit post in November, just weeks after the multiplayer release of infinite aura Launched.

Another post on Microsoft’s Halo Waypoint forums reads that “forced crossover is a scam by Microsoft.” “Forced multiplayer is wrong,” says another Redditor, and the list goes on and on and on.

infinite aura And Call of Duty: War Zone Both have a flow of cheats, largely because they’re free games, so it’s easy for hackers to create a new account after being banned. While there is an option to disable cross-play in war zoneIf you try to load into a playlist on Xbox, it will ask you to re-enable it. While on PlayStation, you can simply decline the prompt and continue to the playlist with Crossplay still disabled.

war zone Gamers on Xbox have complained about this forced multiplayer for over a year, with numerous forum posts and YouTube videos highlighting just how upsetting it can be when forced to cross-play. Most of the problems are related to computer cheats, who have problems war zone For years before Activision finally added a new anti-cheat system in October with a kernel-level driver to catch cheaters on PCs.

Now that cheaters are already ruined infinite aura For multiplayer games, the call to remove forced cross-play is undoubtedly growing. infinite aura Players on Xbox are matched with PC players in most playlists, and even in ranked modes, you have to play solo or as a duo to avoid forced cross-play against different inputs. If you want to form a team of three or four players on Xbox, you will have to play against PC players in the ranking infinite aura Techniques.

Halo Infinite is already suffering from an influx of cheaters.
Screenshot by Sean Hollister / The Verge

Microsoft’s decision to force crossplay on its own infinite aura The title conflicts with previous commitments from the head of Xbox. Xbox President Phil Spencer said in an interview with Jamespot in 2016. “Mouse and keyboard rotate faster than console. We know you’re going to lose.”

Nothing has changed in the classic arguments between mouse and keyboard players and controllers. Xbox players simply want to have the option to opt out of cross-play, and not have to play against PC players. A lot of PC gamers also want to avoid the aim assist in games like war zone And Infinite aura.

Battlefield 2042 It launched in November with mandatory multiplayer for Xbox players, and the option to disable it for PlayStation owners. In a sign that things could change, developer DICE was quick to add the option to disable cross-play for Xbox players a few weeks after launch. Even Microsoft sea ​​of ​​thieves, the original darling of cross-play, added an option to disable forced cross-play a few years after launch.

We’ve reached out to both Microsoft and Activision for comment on the case of forced multiplayer, and neither company was willing to release a statement in time for publication. 343 Industries Developer Behind infinite aura She clarified that she was trying to address cheat issues in the game yesterday. 343 hopes to tackle cheating and “other things” in a patch in mid-February. 343 won’t magically fix cheat issues from its game with a single patch, but hopefully there will be an option to avoid most of them next month.

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